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Joëlle Galéron

Centre de Brest,
BP 70, F-29280 Plouzané

Head of the deep-sea laboraty (DEEP/LEP)

Scientific interests
Structure of benthic macrofauna and megafauna (diversity, biomass, distribution) in different deep marine habitats (detritus and chemosynthesis based ecosystems), links and exchanges between both ecosystems. Human impacts on deep benthic ecosystems.

Participation in french and european programmes studying the structure and functionning of benthic ecosystems : EPI, EUMELI JGOFS-France, MAST 2, MAST 3-BENGAL, BIOZAIRE, HERMES. Participation in 31 oceanographic cruises, chief scientist of one cruise on the nodule areas in the Pacific ocean. Participation in the development of a database for biological and environmental data collected during the Ifremer cruises (BIOCEAN). Responsible for the environmental studies undertaken at Ifremer dealing with the human impacts on the deep-sea ecosystems. Member of the CEDAMAR steering committee.

Selection of publications

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  • Galéron, J., Sibuet, M., Vanreusel, A., Mackenzie, K., Gooday, A.J., Dinet, A., Wolff, G.A. (2001). Temporal patterns among meiofauna and macrofauna taxa related to sediment geochemistry at an abyssal NE Atlantic site, Progress in Oceanography, 50 : 303-324.
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