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Deeper Than Light

By Baker, M., Ebbe, B., Hoyer, J., Menot, L., Narayanaswamy, B., Ramirez-Llodra, E. & Steffensen, M. - A collaborative book of the deep-sea field projects of the Census of Marine Life to enlighten all publics on deep-sea life.

The earliest perception of the earth and the sea was that they were flat and if a sailor reached the horizon, he would fall off the edge! The geographical extent of the sea was unknown, its depth unfathomable, and unlikely to be tested as myth proclaimed that the deep waters were inhabited by monsters ready to take the unwary seaman.

The last 170 years of scientific discovery have brought about revolutionary changes in the way in which we understand the deep seas and open ocean. Some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth lie hidden deeper than light. This book will take us on a journey from relatively shallow waters down to the abyss, discovering exciting deep-sea creatures on route.
Motivated by a passion for life in the deep sea, the authors, all active members of the Census of Marine Life, wanted to share their enthusiasm and convey the unsuspected richness of marine life, its strange animals and unusual ways of life at the greatest depths. Richly illustrated with photographs and art and introducing state-of-the-art knowledge in deep-sea biology, this book appeals to all curious by nature.