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Dr. David Billett

National Oceanography Center
European Way, Southampton SO 14 3ZH, UK

1988 PhD, The Ecology of Deep- Sea Holothurians, University of Southampton. 1975 BSc, Marine Biology, Biochemistry and Soil Science, University College of North Wales Bangor.

Researcher, DEEPSEAS Benthic Biology Group, NOCS

Research Interests
Ecology of deep-sea megafauna, long-term ecosystem change.

29 years' work in deep-sea biology with particular interest in the ecology of deep-sea deposit feeders. Research on the biology of deep-sea holothurians, including work on their diversity, taxonomy, abundance, biomass, spatial distribution, life-histories, feeding, reproduction and long-term change in populations. 7 years' experience as Head of External Affairs networking with industry, Government Departments and the European Commission on the application of all oceanographic disciplines to society's needs. Total number of peer reviewed publications: 55

Five recent relevant publications

  • Billett, D.S.M., Bett, B.J., Rice, A.L., Thurston, M.H., Galéron, J., Sibuet, M. & Wolff, G.A. (2001). Long-term change in the megabenthos of the Porcupine Abyssal Plain (NE Atlantic). Prog. Oceanogr. 50, 325-348.
  • Hudson, I.R., Wigham, B.D., Billett, D.S.M. & Tyler, P.A. (2003). Seasonality and selectivity in the feeding ecology and reproductive biology of deep-sea bathyal holothurians. Progress in Oceanography 59, 381-407.
  • Wefer, G., Billett, D.S.M., Hebbeln, D., Jørgensen, B.B., Van Weering, Tj. (2002) (Eds.). Ocean Margin Systems. Springer Verlag, Berlin, 495pp.
  • Wheeler, A.J., Bett, B.J., Billett, D.S.M., Masson, D.G. & Mayor, D., (in press). The impact of demersal trawling on NE Atlantic deep-water coral habitats: the case of the Darwin Mounds, U.K. In: P. Barnes (Ed) Benthic Habitats and the Effects of Fishing, American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland, USA.
  • Wigham, B.D., Hudson, I.R., Billett, D.S.M. & Wolff, G.A. (2003). Is long-term change in the abyssal Northeast Atlantic driven by qualitative changes in export flux? Evidence from selective feeding in deep-sea holothurians. Progress in Oceanography 59, 409-441.