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Dr. Ann Vanreusel

University Ghent
Biology Department
Krijgslaan 281
S8 sterrecampus
9000 Ghent

Main lecturer in biostatistics, ecology of aquatic nematodes, extreme environments, aquatic ecology


1989 Doctor in science (Zoology) University Gent
1994 Licentiate in science (Zoology) University Gent
1982 Candidate in science (Biology) Limburgs Universitair Centrum


Selected publications


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  • Vanreusel, A., M. Vincx, D. Schram & D. Van Gansbeke (1995) On the vertical distribution of the metazoan meiofauna in the shelf break and upper slope habitats of the NE Atlantic. Int. Rev. Gesamt. Hydrobiol. 80 : 313 – 326
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  • Kröncke, I., A. Vanreusel, M.Vincx, J.Wollenburg, A.Mackensen, G.Liebezeit & B.Behrends (2000) The different benthic size compartments and their relation with sediment chemistry in the deep Eurasian Arctic Ocean. Marine Ecology Progress Series 199:31-41
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  • Van Gaever, S., L. Moodley, D. De Beer & A. Vanreusel, (2006). Meiobenthos at the Arctic Håkon Mosby Mud Volcano with a parental caring nematode thriving in sulphide-rich sediments. Marine Ecology Progress Series: 321: 143-155
  • Raes, M. & A. Vanreusel, (2006). Microhabitat type determines the composition of nematode communities associated with sediment-clogged cold-water coral framework in the Porcupine Seabight (NE Atlantic). Deep-Sea Research I: 53 (12): 1880-1894
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  • Danovaro, R; Gambi, C; Dell'Anno, A; Corinaidesi, C ; Fraschetti, S ; Vanreusel, A ; Vincx, M ; Gooday, AJ (2008) Title: Exponential decline of deep-sea ecosystem functioning linked to benthic biodiversity loss CURRENT BIOLOGY, 18 (1): 1-8


Synergistic Activities
Chairman exam commission and coordinator Master program Advanced studies in marine and lacustrine sciences (Marelac)
Treasurer International association meiobenthologists
Steering committee Census of Marine Life Continental Margins
Steering committee CEDAMAR Census of Marine Life