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The Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS): The CoML portal for data integration on marine biodiversity.

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Data management

COMARGIS (COMARGE Information System) is the database for the members of the COMARGE network. The system has benefited from the experience gained with the database BIOCEAN created at Ifremer for deep-sea cruises. It allows archiving all information relevant to a cruise, the operations at sea (i.e. the metadata) and the data resulting from these operations including both biological data and physico-chemical data.The full implementation of COMARGIS includes three components:

  • The Oracle relational database.
  • A data formatting software and data upload capability developed on the basis of Ifremer's cruise logbook, called "Alamer".
  • A web-based interface for data search, mapping and download.


The two first components are fully operational for data archiving since June 2007. COMARGIS is now ready to host data from all partners of COMARGE and is linked to the CoML portal OBIS.