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Dr. Myriam Sibuet - Principal Investigator

Institut Océanographique
195 rue Saint Jacques
F-75005 Paris

Licence, Maîtrise de Physiologie animale, Université de Strasbourg 1964 -1968
Thèse de doctorat d'Etat, Dr ès Sciences Naturelles 1987, Université. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
Research scientist at Ifremer 1969-2006

Last positions at Ifremer: Director of the Deep-Sea Environment Department and Science and Technology Adviser of the Président Directeur Général of Ifremer.

Senior scientist emerita in residence at the Institut Océanographique de Paris, Fondation Albert 1er de Monaco since 2006: Leader of CoML-COMARGE Project, Member of CoML Scientific Steering committee, Member of the Scientific Committee of the Institut Océanographique.

Scientific Interests: Biodiversity and functioning of deep-sea ecosystems, ecology of benthic communities on oceanic basins and continental margins including cold seeps. Deep-sea echinoderm taxonomy and ecology. Multidisciplinary approaches on oceanographical vessels and submersibles for the understanding of deep sea benthic fauna and processes.

Experience: 39 years of oceanographic research. Participation in 37 deep-sea cruises including submersible diving cruises, 18 as chief scientist. Initiation of the use in France of manned and unmanned submersibles for deep sea ecology studies, and development of submersible tools for deep sea biology. Leader of deep-sea ecology research projects and participation in international programs with a multidisciplinary approach: National EUMELI project (eutrophic, mesotrophic and oligotrophic zones) related to JGOFS international program in the tropical east Atlantic. Partner of EU projects, Natural variability of deep-sea benthic communities (European MAST 1 and MAST 2 programs); Benthic biology and geochemistry of a north eastern Atlantic locality (MAST 3 BENGAL program). Leader of the french BIOZAÏRE program in partnership with oil Industry (Ifremer/TOTAL) for the study of the structure and functioning of benthic ecosystems, in the Gulf of Guinea. Co- leader of the EU project CARACOLE on cold water coral mounds in northeast Atlantic. Partner of the European project MEDIFLUX (ESF Eurocore-Euromargin), and of the EU HERMES integrated project. Leader of the international project CoML-COMARGE project since 2005 and member of the CoML Scientific Steering Committee. Supervision of 8 PhD students. Author or co-author of more than 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals. Member of several national and international scientific committees.

Prix Savigny de l'Académie des Sciences 1988
Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Mérite, 1990.
Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur 2002
Officier de l'Ordre National du Mérite 2006

Selection of scientific publications

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