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Global Ocean- In-situ Observations Daily Delivery


Short description:

For the Global Ocean- Coriolis global in-situ observations daily delivery. The Coriolis real-time product integrates the real-time in situ data for temperature and salinity measurements. These data are collected from main global networks (Argo, GoSUD, OceanSites, GTS) completed by European data provided by EuroGOOS regional systems. The data are quality controlled using automated procedures and statistical analysis residuals. It is updated daily. It is the In Situ data operational nominal product for the Global Ocean.

General information : Ocean circulation models need information on the interior of the ocean to be able to generate accurate forecast. This information is only available from in-situ measurement. However this information is acquired all around the world and not easily available to the operational users. Therefore, Coriolis data center , by connecting to a lot of international networks, collects, controls and disseminates the relevant in-situ data to operational users. Each day, a new release of the product is issued containing the observations which have never been disseminated in previous release or have been updated. A sliding window of the past 3 months of product is available at the In-Situ Each TEP. No Archive of the product releases is insured at the In-Situ TEP, only the individual observations are archived.
Processing information : the product is the homogeneous aggregation of observation data coming from various in-situ sources, quality controlled according to standardized procedure. the duplicate removal have been processed.Description of observation methods / instruments :

  1. profile data from ARGO profiling floats, CTD and XBT from research vessels or vessels of opportunity, mooring from various projects (animate, tao/triton/pirata, soon OceanSites) and profile data from GTS ( Global Telecommunication System in BUOY, BATHY and TESAC format).
  2. along the track data from thermosalinograph, ARGO profiling floats and drifting buoys available on GTS network.
The measured parameters, depending on the data source, are : temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen or carbon...
The reference level of measurements is immersion (in meters) or pressure (in decibars).
Quality/accuracy/calibration information : On each profile or underway data individual automatic tests (peak detection, ....) and statistical tests (comparison with climatology and neighbour measurements) are performed. On doubtful data visual control by ocean physics expert is performed. As a result of these tests, quality control flags are assigned to each measurement and included in the product.
Suitability, Expected type of users / uses : The product is designed for assimilation into operational models operated by ocean forecating centers. These users need data aggregated and quality controlled in a reliable and documented manner. As the different releases of the product are not archived by Coriolis , users have to manage their own in-situ data archive if they need it.